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9.6.2023: Scott Duffey Discusses Manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante on Fox News

Via Fox News

It’s been nearly a week since a convicted murderer escaped from a prison in Chester County, leaving a terrified community asking when and how this nightmare will come to an end.

Local, state and federal law enforcement have joined forces over the past several days to capture 34-year-old Danelo Cavalcante, who has been on the run since Thursday.

The escaped killer has been spotted during at least five confirmed sightings, the latest on a trail camera at Longwood Gardens Monday night.

So, how long will it take to capture the dangerous escapee? A question on the minds of those within the community and beyond.

Former FBI agent Scott Duffey says environmental factors, including large and difficult terrain, are presenting the main challenge to law enforcement.

“For someone to lie low, somebody could easily pass, and be within a few feet of him,” Duffey said.

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