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Our Instructors

Susan Constantine
Deception Detection Expert


Susan Constantine, MPsy, is a leading authority on body language and its role in communication, leadership, and deception detection.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of human behavior sciences, she is a sought-after media commentator, consultant, and trainer. Susan has appeared on over 1,000 national and international television programs, print publications, and radio programs, providing expert analysis of the body language of political leaders, celebrities, and suspects in high-profile trials on networks such as CNN, Fox News, and Good Morning America.


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Thomas O'Connor
Retired FBI Special Agent


Special Agent (SA) Thomas O’Connor entered on duty with the FBI in 1997. SA O’Connor was assigned to work in the Washington Field Office on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. During that time, SA O’Connor worked both International and Domestic Terrorism cases. Prior to entering on duty with the FBI, SA O’Connor was a Police Officer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He worked for 15 years as a Municipal Officer leaving for the FBI at the rank of Detective Sergeant. As a Police Officer, SA O’Connor specialized in narcotics and violent gang investigations.

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Roy Hallums
Supply Corp Commander, U.S. Navy

Via The Spokesman-Review...

Roy Hallums was enduring his 311th day of captivity, blindfolded, his hands and feet bound, stuffed into a hole under the floor of a farm building outside Baghdad. He heard a commotion upstairs and managed to get the blindfold off. Delta Force troops broke open the hatch. An American soldier jumped down.

“He looks at me and points and says, ‘Are you Roy?’ I say ‘yes,’ and he yells back up the stairs: ‘Jackpot!’ ”


Daniel Stebbins
Colonel Connecticut State Police (retired)