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Our Staff

Dr. Raymond Carr

A certified police instructor, Dr. Raymond Carr has provided instruction to federal, state and local law enforcement officers, specializing in crisis management, criminal profiling, hostage negotiations, psychology of the criminal mind, forensic crime scene analysis, death scene investigation, forensic interviewing and criminal investigation analysis. Dr. Carr was the primary coordinator for the FBI's Philadelphia Division, the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, and the Philadelphia Hostage Negotiation team.

Dr. Carr worked in law enforcement for 36 years and retired recently from the FBI, where he supervised a violent crimes task force, that investigated criminal behaviors involving drugs, terrorism, white-collar crimes and public corruption.

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Scott Duffey

A certified police instructor, Mr. Duffey has served as an instructor for the FBI, teaching interview and interrogation skills to law enforcement professionals worldwide. He instructs municipal police officers of Pennsylvania's southeast region and has extensive experience in the areas of white-collar and violent crime investigations.

Mr. Duffey holds a BA in Classical Languages from Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and an MS in Administration of Justice from Wilmington University. Scott Duffey is a dynamic classroom lecturer who has the rare combination of academic background and street experience. Joseph J. Farnan Jr. United States District Judge (retired) District of Delaware

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